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Tenant unions in Spain have called for a rent strike from 1 April due to the Coronavirus. As originally reported in, the call is for those economically affected by the crisis, small businesses and the self-employed / freelancers, to withhold rent payments until the Spanish Government agrees to suspend

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Residents in the Vallecas, Carabanchel and Torrejón areas of Madrid have refused to accept rent increases after their public homes were sold to the vulture fund Blackstone. In 2013 Blackstone’s Spanish subsidiary Fidere acquired 5,314 public properties – including 1,860 social housing units – from the Empresa Municipal de la

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As one of Podemos’ top leaders jumps ship, Enrique López traces the latest twists in Spain’s new left movements Once cheered as the great hope for many leftists, the political situation in Spain has deteriorated in recent months as the far right obtained regional parliamentary representation while the impetus of the left has apparently been lost.

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