Employment Tribunal Victory for INTO Members

The Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) has issued determinations in nine appeals brought by INTO members in relation to the 2013 decision of the Department of Education and Skills (DES) to stop holidays in lieu for teachers on maternity leave (Circular 09/2013). The cases were brought under the Maternity Protection Acts, and the EAT found that the Circular contravenes Section 22(4) of the Act and the Pregnancy Directive (92/85/EEC).

INTO received the decisions in these cases and has said that the union is studying them carefully.

“We welcome the outcome from the EAT, which upheld the teachers’ appeals against a decision which we have always believed was unjust, and which removed a valued entitlement for teachers on maternity leave,” said the union.

However, INTO is also aware that there are further options open to the Department to challenge this decision, but hopes that the Department will bring this long-running matter to an end by implementing the determination of the EAT.

INTO also said that it is “grateful to the nine claimants, whom we have supported, and who have argued for seven long years in opposition to this policy”.

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