Students say warmongers not welcome in Dublin

Up to 100 people attended a demonstration organised by the Workers’ Party in Trinity College, as Hillary Clinton was awarded an honorary degree and invited to speak about ‘democracy and women in politics’ by the college.

Protestors highlighted decisions which Clinton oversaw as U.S. Secretary of State, including the decisions which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Syrians and Libyans. As a Senator, Clinton voted in favour of the Iraq War, and is also a strong supporter of Saudi Arabi and Israel. Additionally, during her time in that position she gave her full backing to a coup in Honduras which resulted in the death of Berta Cáceres, an environmental activist who was murdered by the illegitimate military government shortly after the coup.

One of the speakers at the event made it clear that demonstrators being anti-Clinton does not equate them to being pro-Donald Trump. Indeed, many in attendance argued that there are more similarities between the two than either of their supporters would like to admit. The recent outrage directed towards Trump with regards to the imprisonment of migrant children, many of who are being separated from their parents in detention centres for attempting to cross the US-Mexico border, falls in line with a quote from Clinton from 2014. She said “We’ve got to send a clear message that just because your child gets across the border that doesn’t mean your child gets to stay”, which would come as quite a shock to many of her supporters who are disgusted at the recent actions taken by Trump.

As protestors chanted anti-war slogans, some members of the US Secret Service could be seen on campus. Nevertheless, the demonstrators made themselves heard as they protested just outside the building in which Clinton was giving a speech. Placards, Palestinian flags and megaphone were to be seen over the course of the protest, with students making it known that such warmongering imperialists are not welcome on their campus.

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