Temer Out

Brazilians gathered in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, today to demonstrate against President Michel Temer.

The demonstration was part of a global day of protests against the Brazilian president, following revelations earlier this week of secret recordings that appear to show him condoning bribes to the jailed former House speaker, Eduardo Cunha.

Cunha initiated the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, allowing Temer to take over the presidency last year.

Demonstrators explained that they are not only seeking Temer’s removal as president, but a change in the constitution which would allow for a direct presidential election.

If Temer resigns or is impeached the speaker of the lower house will take over as president until the scheduled election in October 2018.

The demonstration was organised by the Irlanda pela Esquerda collective, which was established in Dublin in the wake of the 2016 coup.

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