Citizen Army Memorial Plaques Unveiled Across Dublin

Plaques commemorating the Irish Citizen Army (ICA) are being unveiled in communities across Dublin this year to commemorate the trade union militia’s role during the revolutionary period from 1913 to 1922.

In total 15 plaques are being erected around Dublin. The initiative to commemorate the force which was set up by ITGWU leader Jim Larkin and led during the Easter Rising by James Connolly came from the SIPTU Dublin District Committee.

“During 2016, the SIPTU Dublin District Council in conjunction with local community groups and Dublin City Council are unveiling a series of plaques to commemorate the working class men, women and young people who served in the ICA in the areas were they lived,” said SIPTU Dublin District Council joint secretary, John Dunne.

“The story of these ICA members can provide a valuable opportunity for communities to re-discover their history and the values that motivated people to risk all for a new future.”

For more information on the dates of future plaque unveilings visit the Facebook page ‘Irish Citizen Army community commemorations’.

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