WebSummit’s bizarre ransom demands

Sometimes you just have to wonder about people. We’re pretty sure Paddy Cosgrave was evil-laughing into his mochaccino when he penned these demands to Dublin City Council. Sorry, not ‘demands’. ‘Asks’. Here’s the text, get your sickbags ready.

New Asks
  1. Anglesea Road closed to allow attendees free access between venues for the days of the event. As per the RDS Horse Show.
  2. Dedicated shuttle buses provided by Dublin Bus for Web Summit attendees at peak times in the morning and evenings, to and from the RDS/City Centre, circulating to key hotels. Agree appropriate bus branding.
  3. Temporary Dublin bike stations.
  4. Access to the event space within Herbert Park and, in addition, to the (non-event space) Playing Fields located closest to Anglesea Rd. We would look to build marquees on these and reinstate the ground after insofar as we reasonably can5. Grant road closures for Dame Court, South William Street and Fade Street for parts of our Night Summit. Waive associated fees.
  5. Grant us suspension of parking permission on the above roads for the duration of the road closures. Waive associated fees.
  6. Entrance to city venues – complimentary rental of venues such as City Hall and Wood Quay. Venues within the City.
  7. City Centre branding for Web Summit for two weeks leading up to event and during
Outside direct responsibility
  1. Access to Garda Escort services for specific VIPs at specified times during the event. Estimated 10 such VIPs during the event. Movement, not security.
  2. Airport registration of all attendees. Large space required for two/three days before the event and during the event.
  3. Hotel agreement – suggested voluntary anti-gouging code limiting differential from usual pricing scales.
  4. Leap Cards for all attendees for their stay in the City

View the full correspondence here.

Big hat tip to Oireachtas Retort.
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1 Comment

  1. Mike
    October 16, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    How are these demands unreasonable?
    Look at the Super Bowl in the US. Cities provide services way beyond this to make attendees’ visits easier.
    Media are shuttled everywhere by bus, streets are closed and the city plays its part.
    Looking forward to Lisbon next year.