Stan Pearce – Miners’ leader and thinker

Stan Pearce started work at the age of 14 at the Glebe Colliery Washington, in Durham in 1946. On 1st January 1947, as the youngest worker at the Glebe, he unveiled the plaque announcing the nationalisation of the mine. By the 1970s he was a prominent member of the Durham Miners’ Left. He was prominent in ensuring the Durham coalfield stayed strong during the 1984 Miners Strike.

A militant revolutionary socialist, Stan remained active in the Durham Miners Association (DMA) until his death. In recent years he appeared in Ken Loach’s film the ‘Spirit of 45’ and was among the DMA members who regularly attended the Jim Connell Red Flag Festival in Meath. Stan died after a short illness in March. (More on Stan in the next LookLeft)

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