Shane MacThomáis – Workers’ Historian

Resident historian for the Glasnevin Trust, Shane MacThomáis, died in March at 46 years of age.

His entertaining and informative manner brought the history of Glasnevin Cemetery to new audiences. Shane’s commitment to ensuring all those interred there were fittingly remembered saw him championing causes which drew support from all strands of Irish society.

A man with a strong social conscience, he paid particular attention to ensuring the last resting places of those too often forgotten in Irish history were properly marked. He made a point of drawing the attention of visitors to the cemetery to the graves of the child victims of the Magdalene Laundry system and civilian casualties of the 1916 Rising.

Shane was a keen supporter of Bohemians football club and a widely known and liked figure in Dublin. His death came as shock to his family, friends and the wider community of left activists in the city and beyond.

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