D’Arcy Faces Further Threat of Prison For Peace Protest

Peace Activist and artist Margaretta D’Arcy (79), faces the threat of a further period in prison when she appears in court in June charged with incursion on to the runway at Shannon Airport.

D’Arcy was released on 22nd March after serving nine and a half weeks of a 12-week sentence for refusing to sign a bond to uphold the law and keep away from unauthorised zones at Shannon Airport.

This is something the peace activist said she could not do while the airport was being utlised by the US military.

Following her release, she said: “The Government is willing to put somebody who speaks the truth into jail. There is a growing awareness of truth. We have to speak the truth. We cannot be complicit; we cannot compromise with the truth. If something is wrong we have to go and say it is wrong. And it is completely wrong for the Government to allow a civilian airport to be used as a military airport. It is a crime for the military to be able to hide behind a civilian airport. It is something that we should not tolerate.”

D’Arcy is due to appear in court again on June 24th in relation to a separate charge of an incursion on Shannon Airport’s runway on September 1st, 2013.

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