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In the new issue of LookLeft:


Rising tide against austerity: Working people and the Fine Gael/Labour Government are on a collision course over the property tax and attempts to cut public sector pay, reports Kevin Brannigan

The G8 comes to town: Kevin Squires looks at the impact the 39th G8 summit will have.

Learning Division: Fifteen years ago progressives recognised the signing of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) as a positive development. However, fears that its structures would allow for communal politics to be institutionalised have been realised particularly in the provision of education, writes Justin O’Hagan.

Mobilising a generation: Young Irish people facing sharply limited opportunities at home or emigration are beginning to mobilise, reports Dara McHugh.

Precious few heroes: With his politically charged songs Dick Gaughan has inspired generations of Left activists, Kevin Brannigan caught up with the veteran Scottish folk singer during his spring tour of Ireland

No turning back from here: The Venezuelan revolution has dramatically changed not only the politics of Latin America also but the globe, reports Paul Dillon.

The tyranny of the credit rating agencies: Democratic accountability is being eroded by credit rating capitalism, writes Srinivas Raghavendra

Of live dogs and dead lions: Following the death of Hugo Chávez, Richard McAleavey assesses the Irish media’s representation of the ormer Venezuelan President.

Calling the bigots bluff: Do anti-choicers want follow through the with the logic of their argument and imprison women, asks Katie Garrett.


Petition to end Ministers grotesque pensions

Jim Connell weekend

UNITE wins Waterford Glass pensions battle

94% of young people do not want to emigrate

Why shop in a Fair Shop

Objection to Meath mining licence

Fight against privatisation in Sussex University

Bradley Manning on trial

Spanish Civil war volunteers remembered in Inchicore

Workers Beer Company seeks Irish recruits


Glass ceilings and Trade Unions: Union organiser Eira Gallagher discusses the obstacles still faced by women workers.

The Laundries are closed but the system remains: Lone parents have remained a favourite scapegoat for the self-satisfied Irish Right since the foundation of the Free State, reports Laura Caffrey.

Foxes and Hen houses: Conor McCabe maintains his steely gaze on the world of ‘high finance’

Reform from inside: Eric Olwin Wright outlines his vision of creating space for socialist advances within the capitalist economy.

Requiem for a Tory: Brian Hanley’s reflections on Margret Thatcher

Debate: Immigration – concern or opportunity? Stephen Nolan/Gavan Titley

Jemmy Hope on religion, Bill Cullen, Jim Dowson and Alex Ferguson

Tradition and Culture

Great minds think alike: The lives of William Thompson and Anna Doyle Wheeler recounted by Lily Murphy

Our rabble: James Redmond, Head of production of Dublin underground newspaper Rabble, told LookLeft why he believes building an alternative media is important and ponders how it can be done.

Anderson’s song: Barry Healy talks to Rag man Daniel Anderson

The downtrodden and the risen: Kevin Squires looks at some recent graphic novels portraying contemporary and historical peoples’ struggles

Review: Physical Resistance: A Hundred Years of Anti-Fascism by Dave Hann

Gonna shoot you down: Sam McGrath looks at the politics behind Madchester band The Stone Roses

What foot does he kick with?: Kevin Brannigan examines the role players from the Republic had in the modern history of one of Loyalism’s footballing bastions.

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