New LookLeft out now!

The latest, 48-page edition of LookLeft is in Easons stores and selected newsagents, island-wide, now. Highlights include:

*Pushing the market out of housing: Justin O’Hagan identifies the threat to social housing in the North and Henry Silke assesses the media’s role in the bubble in the Republic.
*Interview with David Hickey: Kevin Brannigan meets the Dublin football legend
*El Salvador, the Left in power: Paul Dillon analyses the challenges facing the FMLN in Government
*Dominic Behan: Donal Fallon profiles the workers’ bard
*Lethal Dialect: Barry Healy speaks with the Dublin rapper about music, politics and media snobbery
*21 years of Anti-Fascist Action Ireland: Bernardo O’Reilly meets the group which has help keep Ireland’s streets fascist free
*Northern Ireland needs a progressive opposition: Brian McDermott looks at the failures of politics in the North in the build up to the Workers’ Party’s northern conference
*Belfast Cooperatives: Áine Carroll looks at the modern cooperative movement
*Legalise it?: Niall Dunne and Cieran Perry debate drug legalisation

And much more progressive politics, news and culture including Conor McCabe on banks, Ted Tynan on natural resources, Kevin Squires on the campaign against the household charge, Stephanie Lord on a woman’s right to choose…

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